A little more about the March For Science in San Diego….

March For Science – San Diego is for anyone who is excited by science. We are more than just scientists and engineers – we are hobbyists, students, teachers, enthusiasts, and people like you.

We are organizing a family-friendly, non-partisan, educational event to raise awareness of the contributions of science to society, and the importance of supportive public policy. We will be standing for our community, health, economy and our region’s future, while demonstrating San Diego’s leadership in science among nearly 500 Marches For Science across America and around the world.

When & Where?

April 14, 2018, location to be announced soon.

The spontaneous emergence of nearly 500 volunteer-run Marches for Science, across America and around the globe, in just a few weeks, shows that motivations run much deeper than any single trigger. Many people clearly hold long-growing concerns about the role of science in our society, including investment in research and education, freedom of speech for scientists, climate change, vaccination, and genetic engineering. However, the broad support for these marches also demonstrates a unique opportunity – science is cool! Science tangibly saves lives, creates jobs, and powers our technology, but it also inspires, amazes, bubbles, and fizzes. If we can unite around anything, it’s science.

What is your goal?
Our first goal is simply to encourage face-to-face conversations between scientists and the public. We want for scientists to come show who they are and what they do, and for all San Diegans to come show what science means to them. We believe building trust is prerequisite for our second goal – public policy that both supports and is supported by science.

How do you feel about diversity?
Science is done by all types of people for all types of people. We have a diversity advisor and a diverse steering committee that represents people of many backgrounds and identities. We are asking San Diegans of all stripes to show up and personally demonstrate our message with their presence, passion, and positivity: that science is for everyone.

How do you feel about politics?
Political ideology is as valuable a form of diversity as any other. We firmly believe that science belongs to all of us, and the best solutions come from combining scientifically-supported ideas from all viewpoints. We applaud the long tradition of bipartisan, public support for science, and we are marching to bolster this support from both sides of the aisle.

Do you have a waiver for me to sign?
But of course!