Second Annual March for Science San Diego Takes Off on April 14

(Updated April 5, 2018)

Building on last year’s march, and momentum from the recent Women’s March and March for Our Lives, March for Science San Diego will be held on April 14 at Waterfront Park, 1600 Pacific Highway, at 10 am. There will be two rounds of speakers and a science expo at 10 AM and 12 PM, with the main march beginning at 11 AM, following the approximately 1 mile route below.

The march will feature speakers that highlight the full range of San Diego’s scientific community –  from student science fair winners to world-renowned researchers – a science expo, activist band The Resizters and a one-mile march. The event will encourage face-to-face conversations with scientists and highlight public demand for scientific rigor in all public policy debates.

“San Diego will be part of a global movement celebrating and defending the contributions scientific discoveries make to society and bringing scientists to our community to share their passion,” said March for Science organizer, Navid Zohoury. “We raise our voices because government investment and respect for science are in jeopardy, and we must do everything possible to safeguard continued progress.”

In 2017, millions of people marched for science in 500 cities around the world. Last year’s successful San Diego march drew more than 15,000 people and the excitement surrounding the event has only increased. This year, speakers will focus on empowering public policy decision-making by acquiring and leveraging scientific data.

The march will begin at 10 am in front of the San Diego County Administration Building with a diverse group of scientists and community members describing their passion for science. Throughout the event, The Resizters will sing classic songs from Woody Guthrie, Nina Simone, Green Day and others.

Speakers will include UCSD professor Rob Knight, who leads groundbreaking studies on the microbiome, San Diego City Council President Pro Tem Barbara Bry, who has a long history of supporting science in San Diego and other technology hubs, UC San Diego biologist Alberto “Beto” Vasquez, Pomona College visiting professor Omayra Ortega, science fair honorees and others.

The science expo will present demonstrations from the Fleet Science Center and San Diego Natural History Museum, outreach groups from several local research institutions and a voter registration table. The march will loop down Harbor Drive towards Seaport Village and return on Pacific Highway.

March for Science San Diego is also partnering with #MarchingWithMe, which unites people facing disability or illness with able-bodied marchers to ensure everyone can participate.

“We are excited by the enthusiasm we see from both scientists and science advocates,” said March for Science organizer, Mary Canady. “We believe this march is a unique opportunity to spread the word about science in our community and build lasting support.”

About March for Science San Diego

March for Science San Diego is a non-partisan event held each spring in downtown San Diego to connect residents with the city’s top scientists and the vital work they perform. The event is sponsored by San Diego For Science, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that seeks to better connect scientists and community and communicate the importance of creating public policy that factors in scientific knowledge and supports renewed investment in the sciences.

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